About the Stag Brewery

About the Stag Brewery

Stag Brewery was acquired by Reselton Properties Limited. Reselton, represented by Dartmouth Capital is now developing plans for a mixed-use scheme for the Stag Brewery site, Mortlake.

The emerging Stag Brewery redevelopment masterplan proposes a range of uses across the site including residential, retail, office, community, recreational and educational, as well as many new active open and green public spaces.

Following an extensive consultation process, a proposal for the redevelopment of the site was submitted to the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames in February 2018 in the form of three planning applications.

The three planning applications were heard at the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames Planning Committee in January 2020. All three applications were recommended for approval by London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames planning officers. The Committee resolved to approve Applications A and B, Application C was resolved to refuse.

– Application A, is a hybrid planning application for comprehensive mixed-use redevelopment of the former Stag Brewery site;
– Application B is a detailed planning application for the secondary school and;
– Application C is a detailed planning application for highways and landscape works at Chalkers Corner.

Although the development was resolved to be approved by London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames planning officers, the proposed highway mitigation works at Chalker’s Corner (Application C), were not approved by the Committee.

Process required that the Applications be referred to the Greater London Authority (GLA) for comment. At this stage in the process, the Mayor ‘called in’ the applications on 4 May 2020 and now acts as the Local Planning Authority for the purpose of determining the applications.

For more details about the scheme, see the ‘Masterplan’ section of this website.

As the final decision is now with the GLA, they will be running their own form of consultation. All documents will be available on their website and all comments must be made to them. To view the publicly available documents, materials and reports on the GLA website, CLICK HERE.