Consultation Process

Consultation process

The scheme has been evolving in response to feedback from a wide range of stakeholders, organisations and local residents over the past four years, starting in June 2016 with concept designs, moving to a draft masterplan in March 2017, and the submitted masterplan in February 2018.

Three masterplan applications were submitted in February 2018 following a thorough and extensive consultation process with local stakeholders. The format that this consultation, which took place from 2016 and 2018 and involved over 1600 people participating, was as follows:

– 2 pop-up events
– 7 Community Liaison Group (CLG) meetings with 34 members
– 2 public exhibitions
– Over 2,000 public exhibition attendees
– Over 1,000 feedback forms submitted
– One-to-one meetings with Members of London Borough of Richmond Upon Thames and local MP’s
– One-to-one meetings with community and amenity groups
– One-to-one meeting with Chertsey Court Residents

The project team has been working with local residents, businesses and organizations throughout the planning application process. The consultation process is facilitated by Soundings to ensure that views from the local community are listened to, and given consideration to, with regards to the emerging plan.

The consultation process started in June 2016.

To ensure continued public engagement throughout all stages of design developed, a Community Liaison Group (CLG) has been formed. The CLG is comprised of representatives from local community groups, residents groups, businesses and parent groups. The Community Liaison Group has been holding regular meetings with the project team, discussing the themes that have emerged as priorities from the public feedback after the March 2017 exhibition.

25 June 2016
Attendance at Mortlake Fair
9 July 2016
Attended Barnes fair
July 2016 to June 2017
Meetings with different community groups and representatives
11 March 2017
First public drop-in exhibition
25 April 2017
CLG1 1: The school
16 May 2017
CLG 2: Heights, density and public realm
6 June 2017
CLG 3: Transport, traffic and environmental impact
4 July 2017
CLG 4: Open discussion session
13-15 June 2017
Second Public Exhibition
19 September 2017
CLG 5: Masterplan evolution
12 February 2018
CLG 6: Final presentation of the masterplan


To see the latest consultation materials and CLG reports, go to Documents & Downloads.

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