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The London Mayor called-in the proposals for the Former Stag Brewery site back in May 2020 despite a resolution to grant approval for the majority of the scheme (application A for the Main Mixed Use Scheme) and B (for the Secondary School) by The London Borough of Richmond upon Thames (LBRuT) planning committee. 

A new scheme was subsequently developed under the guidance of GLA officers but, to the surprise of many, the Mayor rejected the proposals in a July 2021 Public Hearing.

An alternative scheme has now been prepared and is presented on this website. It is similar to the proposals which the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames (LBRuT) Planning Committee resolved to approve in January 2020, although the highway improvement works at Chalker’s Corner (originally Application C) have now been dropped in favour of a simplified scheme. This latter change is a result of feedback on the original applications and makes a considerable difference in its own right.

What has changed?

The key changes between the amended scheme and the ‘January 2020’ scheme are essentially to do with a redistribution of the heights of buildings across the site, with the changes rarely being more than the addition or removal of one floor, although there are pockets of two and three storey changes in height. The greater heights and massing proposed across the board by the GLA in order to boost housing numbers overall, are no longer being pursued.

Key benefits being brought forward in this amended scheme include:

  • New publicly accessible, local facilities including a cinema, hotel, community facilities, a boat house, shops and restaurants and additional leisure facilities including a new water sports centre
  • Over 1,000 new homes, including ‘affordable housing’ making a significant contribution to the delivery of housing in London 
  • New connective routes will be established linking the station, Mortlake Green and a new Thames footpath while cycle lanes will be extended
  • Public transport will be enhanced through support for better bus services and an enhanced level crossing at the station
  • The scheme will also refurbish heritage assets and bring them back into everyday use, for the enjoyment of all
  • Onsite carparking reduced by 186 spaces
  • Zero fossil fuel air source and electric heating and energy systems throughout

The developers are providing the land and assisting the council in pursuing a second application for a secondary school, for which an esteemed academy has already been secured. More information on the school can be found in the ‘Application ‘B’ tab above.

Across the scheme the team is seeking a high level of commitment towards biodiversity, low carbon development, sustainability and local economic development.

More details of the community and general benefits on offer are given with respect to the two applications below.

The two planning applications will be submitted in early February but it is anticipated that it will take LBRuT two to three weeks to validate and register them. Once this has been completed we will add information on how to access and formally comment on the full applications on this site.

New Planning Applications - January 2022

There has been a masterplan vision for the regeneration of the vacant Stag Brewery site, a ‘brownfield site’, since 2011 when the Local Authority adopted a plan (a Supplementary Planning Document or SPD) for its future redevelopment. The amended scheme presented here fits the description of this vision, and with the later ‘Local Plan’,  providing the key benefits outlined on the Home Page, and further discussed with respect to the two applications here.

For further information on Application A – the Main Scheme - and to take part in a related poll, please click here.

For further information on Application B – the Secondary School - and to take part in a related poll, please click here.

A summary of all the above changes is presented below. This breaks the proposal into two components – the first dealing with the detailed planning application (part of application ‘A’) and the second, an outline planning application (part of application ‘B’):

East Site – Detailed

  • Block 1 Same as GLA scheme
  • Block 2 Reduced 1 floor from GLA on south wing – (Improvement)
  • Block 3 Same as LBRuT.
  • Block 4 Maltings – same in both LBRuT and GLA
  • Block 5 Same as GLA and LBRuT
  • Block 6 Same as LBRuT
  • Block 7 One floor more than LBRuT, one floor less than GLA – (Improvement)
  • Block 8 Southern wing reduced 1 floor form GLA – (Improvement)
  • Block 9 Same as GLA
  • Block 10 Enlarged 1 Floor more than GLA – Retest – potential RoL Injury increase
  • Block 11 Same as GLA Block 12 West wing increase 1 floor above GLA - Retest

West Site – Outline

  • Block 13 Same as GLA
  • Block 14 Same as GLA
  • Block 15 Small setback on West elevation top floor (Improvement)
  • Block 16 Same as LBRuT
  • Block 17 Same as LBRuT
  • Block 18 1 floor reduction in part from GLA (Improvement)
  • Block 19 Same as GLA
  • Block 20 Same as LBRuT
  • Block 21 Same as LBRuT

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