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Stag Brewery was acquired by Reselton Properties Limited. Reselton, represented by Dartmouth Capital is committed to developing plans for a mixed-use scheme for the former Stag Brewery site, Mortlake.

Two new planning applications have now been submitted for the Stag Brewery regeneration. The regeneration is consistent in proposing a range of uses across the site including residential, retail, office, educational, community and recreational, as well as many new active open and green public spaces.
Following an extensive public consultation process (click here to see the 2018 Statement of Community Engagement), the initial proposal for the regeneration of the site was submitted to the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames in February 2018 in the form of three planning applications.
  • Application A, which was a hybrid planning application for comprehensive mixed-use regeneration of the former Stag Brewery site
  • Application B, which was a detailed planning application for a secondary school required by the Council
  • Application C, which was a detailed planning application for highways and landscape works at Chalkers Corner
The three planning applications were heard at the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames Planning Committee in January 2020. All three applications were recommended for approval by London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames planning officers. However, the Planning Committee resolved to approve Applications A and B, and to refuse Application C.

Given the outcome, procedure required that the Applications be referred to the Greater London Authority (GLA) for comment. Thereafter the Mayor therefore ‘called in’ the applications on 4 May 2020 to act as the Local Planning Authority for the purpose of determining the applications.

In response to the Mayor’s subsequent direction, on 17 July 2020, we submitted revisions to the applications, mainly to increase affordable housing and overall housing provision. Application C (highways works and Chalker Corner) was withdrawn in November 2020. Click Here to access a fly-through of the ‘GLA scheme’ and Click Here to listen to senior architect Michael Squire’s description of the logic supporting this scheme.

Following three rounds of stakeholder consultation run by the GLA in late 2020 and early 2021, a formal Public Hearing was held at City Hall in July 2021 where the GLA recommended planning permission be approved for Applications A and B. Following this Hearing however, the Mayor decided to refuse planning permission for Applications A and B. 

Taking into consideration the reasons for refusal (available here), two new planning applications have been submitted in March 2022 for the amended scheme to the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames for determination.