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History of Stag Brewery site

Mortlake is recorded in the Doomsday Book as having a ‘very large’ population of 110 households


Mortlake Brewery was founded


James Watney & Co. bought the Mortlake Brewery and built the Maltings building in 1903


The Brewery was bombed during the Blitz


Records indicate that several direct hits were made.

Anheuser Busch InBev began operating on site


Most notably they brewed Budweiser here.

Anheuser-Busch InBev announce intention to leave the site to expand their operation in South Wales


Following consultation with residents an SPD for the Stag Brewery site is adopted by the Council


Budweiser ceases to be brewed on site


Reselton Properties Limited buy the site.

Consultation on the future of the Stag brewery gets underway


Stages of pre-planning consultation.
Submission of applications (accompanied by SCI).

Planning Committee decision

2019 and 2020

Statutory consultation by LBRuT.
LBRuT resolves to grant consent for original Applications ‘A’ and ‘B’ but to refuse ‘C'.
Call-in by Mayor.
Submission of revised scheme to GLA.
Further statutory consultation and re-consultation carried out by the GLA.
Withdrawal of Application C (Chalker’s Corner highway works).

Statutory re-consultation following submission of additional information


GLA conduct further statutory consultation on further revisions to the scheme.
Public Representation Hearing at City Hall, GLA officers recommend granting conditional planning permission for Applications A and B.
Mayor refuses planning permission for Applications A and B (decision notices available here).

Submission of planning applications A and B for the now proposed scheme (a hybrid of the GLA and LBRuT schemes)

March 2022

Please see the March 2022 Update on the Home Page

Historical photos of the site

Oxbridge Boat Race
1932 Mortlake Brewery
Budweiser signage on the brewery walls
Stag Brewery gates