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The now proposed 'amended scheme' (or 'hybrid scheme') offers:

Significant place-making and architectural benefits including the creation of a new active high street and river front uses, opening up of the Site through creation of new publicly accessible open and green spaces, and high-quality architecture which incorporates historic buildings. This includes:

  • New publicly accessible, local facilities including:
    • Cinema
    • Hotel
    • Community facilities including a boat house
    • Shops and restaurants
    • Additional leisure facilities including a new water sports centre
  • Access to the Thames River for the first time in two hundred years and a new towpath that will be available to the public 24/7
  • Green and ecological credentials of the scheme including:
    • Around 400 new trees to be planted across the site
    • A commitment to maximise carbon emissions savings to meet current London Plan requirements
    • Biodiversity
    • Support for electrical vehicles with a minimum provision of 20% of parking bays fitted with active charging points and the potential for an additional 20-30% to be added
    • New planting and boosted carbon sequestration, whereby carbon is captured in trees and plants
    • Use of photovoltaic panels to generate electricity locally
    • Use of air source and ground source heat pumps to generate carbon-free heating and cooling
    • Enhanced air quality
  • New public squares and plazas to encourage community interaction
  • Around 1,100 new homes, including ‘affordable housing’ making a significant contribution to the delivery of housing in London
  • New pedestrian and cycle routes through the site including enhancing the existing towpath and creating a new expansive link from the station and Mortlake Green through to the river
  • Transport improvements including highways works, contributions to bus facilities and improvements to the level crossing
  • High-quality landscaping
  • Just under 4 hectares of public amenity space (3.93 Ha) excluding the towpath (including accessible ‘OOTLI’ areas - Other Open Land of Townscape Importance)
  • Just over 7,500 m2 of children’s play space (7,534 m2)
  • Provision of a minimum of 2,454 long stay and 284 short stay cycle parking spaces across the development in excess of policy requirements
  • A sustainable transport plan for the overall scheme
  • The preservation and retention of heritage buildings across the site with the buildings and historic assets brought back into active use


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