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The three planning applications, which were submitted to London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames in February 2018, were heard at the London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames Planning Committee in January 2020 for the development of the site.

Application ‘A’: A hybrid planning application for the Main Scheme (a ‘New Heart for Mortlake’) and Application ‘B’: A Detailed Planning Application for a Secondary School were resolved to be granted approval.

All three applications were recommended for approval by London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames planning officers. The Committee resolved to approve Applications A and B. Application C was not approved.

  • Application A, is a hybrid planning application for comprehensive mixed-use regeneration of the former Stag Brewery site;
  • Application B is a detailed planning application for the secondary school and;
  • Application C is a detailed planning application for highways and landscape works at Chalkers Corner.

Although the development was resolved to be approved by London Borough of Richmond-upon-Thames, the proposed highway mitigation works at Chalker's Corner were not approved (Application C).

These Applications were referred to the Greater London Authority (GLA) and subsequently, the Mayor 'called in' the applications on 4 May 2020 and is now the Local Planning Authority for the purpose of determining the applications.

As part of the 'call in' process and to address comments on the scheme raised by the GLA, the team has been in discussions with the GLA regarding changes to the scheme. As a result of these discussions, a number of changes have been made to the scheme proposals which are summarised as follows:

  1. Provision of affordable housing increased up to 30% (measured by habitable rooms)
  2. Reduction of on-site car parking, refocused towards increased public transport and accessibility
  3. Increased number of homes across the scheme – this has led to an increase in height of some buildings
  4. A monitored car free travel plan for the proposed school
  5. Alternative options being explored to Chalkers Corner highways works in order to mitigate highways impacts
  6. Change to the layout of Buildings 18 and 19, conversion of Block 20 from a terrace row of housing to two four storey buildings;
  7. Improvements to the road and pedestrian access around the school (Application B).
  8. Changes to some of the town centre uses, including increase in office floorspace, minor amendments to amount or location of flexible uses, and removal of the gym
  9. Landscaping amendments, including canopy removal of four trees on the north west corner of the Site.
  10. Removal of the care village
  11. The removal of 186 car spaces, resulting in the percentage of smaller home sizes increasing across the scheme

If you would like to read the full details of these changes, please click HERE to view the substitution documents on the GLA website.

The GLA will be undertaking statutory consultation for the Stag Brewery Development; comments on the planning applications for the scheme can be submitted directly to the GLA:

  • Via email:
  • Via post: 4172a Stag Brewery Public Hearing, The Planning Team, Greater London Authority, The Queen's Walk, London, SE1 2AA

For further information on the public hearing process, please visit the GLA website.